A City With a Second Chance


Houston is the fourth largest city in the U.S.  Less than 200 years old Houston is the youngest city among it's counterparts.  Ask anyone around the world to pick one word that describes Houston culture.  "Cowboy" would be number one.  For decades Houston culture and history were obscure even to Houstonians.  

In 2001, Houston won the award for fattest city and kept the title for three years straight.  It's 2017 and Houston has undergone a cultural and ethnic transformation that could make Houston the next "Great American City" where people can dream big and succeed.  Possessing  consulates representing 86 nations, it has become the "Most Diverse City" in the US.  I Hope I Come Back Alive is the tour of these dreams!

"Houston is a city of unlimited second chances where anyone can achieve their goals"

- John Bernhard, Swiss-American artist and editor of Art Houston magazine