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Volunteer to Restore Buffalo Bayou

  • Buffalo Bayou Waterworks 105 Sabine St. Houston, Tx 77007 (map)

Buffalo Bayou Park  Meet at the Waterworks and the Cistern


Hurricane Harvey had a significant impact all along Buffalo Bayou.  Our staff is working diligently and quickly to restore the waterway’s green spaces and trails.  But we need your help!  Volunteers are needed to pick up trash and debris, and shovel the enormous amounts of silt that Harvey left behind.  (Buffalo Bayou website)

Join I Hope I Come Back Alive Tourism Gym to restore the beauty of Buffalo Bayou so we can enjoy our adventures even more.  Volunteers can be as young as 9 years old.

What We Will Do:

  •         Picking up debris
  •         Picking up tree limbs
  •          Weeding
  •          Shoveling silt off the pavement
  •          Raking
  •          Sweeping

What to Wear:

  •          Long pants
  •          Long-sleeve t-shirt
  •          Mosquito repellant
  •          Sunscreen
  •          Hat/cap
  •          Rain boots/ rubber boots
  •          Sunglasses

How Intense the Work Will Be:

You will be bending, stooping, lifting, reaching, kneeling and walking through silt during your shift.

What materials should you bring?

 if you happen to have the following items at home, it would be great to bring it for yourself.

  •         Gloves
  •          Shovel
  •         Trash picker

Space is limited to 20 people.  You will have to sign a waiver with Buffalo Bayou Partnership by January 20, 2018.  To be included in the volunteers, please call Jovan @ 832.655.5332  send an email @