Doing our part with Pets Alive

Who doesn’t like cute kittens and furry dogs? The next volunteer venture was easy to choose. Many people often asked if they could bring their dogs to my walks. So I contacted Pets Alive to schedule our shift.


Pets Alive is a non-profit animal rescue program that saves at risk animals from euthanasia. They promote and provide resources, education, and programs needed to eliminate the killing of companion animals. 

Houston has 1.2 million strays. Pets Alive is determined to make Houston the largest No kill city in the USA. To date, Pet’s Alive has saved 800 animals.


The Houston Tourism Gym volunteers had a blast working in the cat and dog department. We fed cats and played with kittens. Cages needed cleaning and dogs had to be walked. We got some great pics that pulls at your heart strings.

Get involved:

Pets Alive has many different jobs for volunteers from dog walking to accounting to marketing. To volunteer, click HERE

Jovan Abernathy