The Best Shops to Explore in Heights Houston


During marathon training, our weekend long run would occasionally take us along Heights Blvd.  I always looked forward to those days.  Heights Blvd. is lined with trees and Victorian houses that date back to the 1800's.

I made a promise to myself to make time to explore the neighborhood.  When I did, I found 19th Street.  Populated with quaint Mom and Pop shops, this shopping strip asks that you take a slow stroll to really appreciate its heritage.

You are in luck, tomorrow these quirky shops will be staying open late to offer you sips while you stroll.  Make sure you hit my favorite shops:

AG Antiques

When I think of 19th Street in Houston Heights, the first place that comes to mind is AG Antiques.  This antique store is owned by first cousins Cynthia and Debbie.  In the 1930's, their grandfather owned a dry goods store at the same location.  Debbie and Cynthia have been carrying on his legacy ever since.  AG Antiques will amaze you with their collection of furniture, vintage comic books, cameras, and glamour compacts.

238 W 19th Street

Step into 238 w 19th st and find a quirky complex of shops including Bespoke, a home decor and renovation shop, Jumper Maybach, an art gallery, vegan ice cream parlor, and juice shop.

Casa Ramirez

Make sure to check out Casa Ramirez, the mexican inspired store where you can find any sombrero and poncho you would ever want.

Other places to explore are BoomTown coffee, restaurants Alice Blue and Harold's, and Vinyl Edge, one of the few shops where you can buy vinyl records.

You are cordially invited to an exploration of 19th street and Heights Blvd with I Hope I Come Back Alive Tourism Gym.  This fast paced 3 mile night walk will get your blood pumping.  Afterwards, we will treat ourselves to sips, lite bites, and shopping at the Sip and Stroll.  Wear workout clothes and good walking or running shoes.........And don't worry about the sweat.  Get your ticket HERE!