How to Find a Graffiti Artist in Houston, Texas


As the only Fitness Hospitality Concierge in Houston, I see a lot of public art in the streets of Houston.  I've noticed in recent years that a great number of graffiti has popped up on buildings in the Heights, Third Ward, and especially Eado.  This is not normal tagging.  These are intricate and beautiful murals done by artists.  

When I began marathon training in 2007 for the Chevron Houston Marathon, there was very little graffiti art for us to appreciate.  Trust me, as much time I spent running the streets during marathon, I would have known.  Where did all this public art come from?  I'm hot on the case!

During one of my Houston adventures at Sawyer Yards, I was visiting my friend, Verny Sanchez in his studio.  Verny has painted murals all over the world including places like Barcelona, Spain. You can see one of his murals on the building across from 8th Wonder Brewery.  He asks me if I had ever heard of HAM or Harrisburg Art Museum in Eado.  Good!  My first big clue!

I took to the internet to see what I could find.  This is what I found.  HAM was created by Graffiti artist Daniel Anguilu and his partners.  Anguilu is a native of the East End.  As East Downtown was being gentrified into Eado, he knew something was needed to preserve the old neighborhood.  So HAM was born.

I have to find this HAM.  I laced on my shoes and started a new adventure.  I've always wanted to explore Eado.  I chose the most scenic route I could find.  I passed through downtown, went through Discovery Green and Avenidas, and past BBVA Compass Stadium.  This area is rich with murals.  As I was running along the Metro Rail on Harrisburg St, I was in awe of an impressive mural that went on for hundreds of yards.  I stopped to appreciate the intricate detail.  It whet my appetite for what was to come.  

As I was approached Eastwood Street,  I looked to my right and there it was.  Harrisburg Art Museum.  To the inexperienced eye, it looks like an abandoned warehouse covered in graffiti art.  To graffiti aficionados, it is a community museum where artist and art lovers can create and appreciate this true art form.  It a place that allows the community of the East End to take part in the growth and development of Eado.

You can appreciate this amazing museum with I Hope I Come Back Alive Tourism Gym this Sunday on my Up For Whatever Adventure.  This adventure starts at the serene Rice University campus.  We will walk and ride the Metro Rail to Downtown and into Eado.  We will walk between 7-9 miles.  We will definitely burn our calories and get in our steps.  

Our main event is the "Meeting of Styles" International Graffiti Art Festival at Harrisburg Art Museum. We will meet some graffiti artist from all over the world and see live mural painting.  Eat some gourmet cuisine from some of the best Food Trucks in Houston.  Keep it light because we ain't stopping there.  Tickets are $50.  You can purchase your ticket here