About the Owner

After a decade of deep depression, I had enough. So, I started running (Yes, just like Forrest Gump). In 2008, I ran my first full marathon in our grand city of Houston, Texas. Then, I decided to run around the world. What started as walking at Terry Hershey Park became so much bigger.

Since then, I’ve run on the Diamond Head in Honolulu, from Asia to Europe in Istanbul, on the Great Wall of China, with the Big 5 in Zimbabwe, and to the end of the earth in Reykjavik, Iceland (read more about my adventures here).

As I trained, I realized that when you run long distances, you are touring the city. As I ran, I saw neighborhoods I’d heard about, but never seen. The hottest new restaurants, bars, and breweries. And, of course, the local art scene. So I took to the streets and set about creating Houston Tourism Gym (for those making up their own theories, that’s what I was really doing).

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Houston’s biggest tourist attraction is……. (no, it’s not NASA) our hospitality. My long distance walking tours aim to inspire creativity, boost self-esteem, and promote wellness (even if there is beer and burgers). Please be my guest and join me on my adventures to Houston’s bucket list destinations. 

My name is Jovan Abernathy. International marathoner. Writer. Owner of Houston Tourism Gym.